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Rebates and Allowances

Marathon Buying Club has negotiated vendor rebates, allowances, promotions and rack/shelving allowances covering all c-store categories. Members receive rebate checks each month/quarter based on each member’s program participation. Member’s purchases are individually tracked through the locations’s wholesale distributor and direct service distributor. Payments are based on the actual program in which the members choose to participate. Program payments are mailed each quarter with detailed reports which are referenced by vendor, program, and amount received. Each member can review their location’s rebates with our easy to read report.

New Product Push Out Program

The New Product Push Out program is a speed to mark solution exclusively for Marathon Buying Club retailers. Increase your store traffic by offering new products backed by brand advertising. Marathon Buying Club has partnered with industry leaders in order to provide our members with premiere access to the hottest new products. The New Product Plus Out program includes the following:

  • Monthly Sku Introduction
  • Order Placement Execution
  • Up to 6 Sku's/event
  • Automatic distribution through preferred grocery distributors
POS & Merchandising

Marathon Buying Club offers the POS and Merchandising tools to educate our members on best product placement to drive sales. Through planograms, rack placement, HBC resets, fixture support, and coolers, Marathon Buying Club encourages members to utilize these sales enhancing techniques. Visit each of our Vendor pages to view updated information for all of these categories.

Shipper Push Out Program

The Shipper Push Out program includes 2-3 monthly shippers that are sent to your locations. These items are intended to increase your incremental sales while allowing you to be more competitive. The Shipper Push Out program provides the following:

  • Create impulse buys for your customers
  • Provide promotional bill backs and off invoice allowances
  • Provide seasonally based product to help meet consumer demands
  • Receive products that are meant to be turned around within 30 days
  • Marathon Buying Club members will receive a discount on this product
Account Representatives

Account Representatives will work with each member to communicate by vendor, by sku, and potential of additional allowances. Each member is assigned a specific Account Representative to help determine, execute, and implement programs.

Marketing Communication
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